2 piecesgtr5 min1980withdrawn
balladegtr, vl, vla, vlc30 min1981withdrawn
solocb9 min1984withdrawn
(zonder titel)ob7 min1985withdrawn
(zonder titel)cl in eb, bn, pno, vla, cb8 min1986withdrawn
(zonder titel)vla, vlc, cb10 min
(zonder titel)bn7 min1987mp3 (mock-up)
(zonder titel)fl, ob, cl, bn, hrn, pno16 min1990
(zonder titel)perc14 min1992withdrawn
(without title) ob-d'am, cl, bcl, a-sax, bn20 min1994
(without title) 6 perc, pno8 min1995wav
Den Haag
(without title) 2 vl, vla, vlc20 minwav
Zephyr Kwartet
(without title) trp in D, perc, mln, gtr, vla10 min1996
(without title) gtr-solo, orchestra15 min1997
(without title) pno30 min1998wav
 Ivan Sokolov
(without title) fl, picc-ob, bcl, bass-cither, biwa, mln, pipa, ud, gtr, zheng, vl, vla, vlc, cb12 min
(without title) chamber orchestra12 min1999
(without title) a-sax10 min
(without title) 2 cithers18 min2000pdf
(without title) 2 shawns, slide trp, trb, cymbal-table, 2 rababs20 min2001
(without title) fl7 min2003
(without title) fl, cl, pno, vl, vlc12 min
(without title) slide trp10 min
(without title) vl9 min2006
Rit bcl20 min2007
(without title) bar, fl, ten-sax, perc, adapted pno, vl, vlc 12 min2008
(without title) sop, cl, bcl, vl, vla, vlc, stopping knives16 min2009pdf
Eisop, 2 mezzo-sop, alto, fl, bcl, vib, pno, vl, vlc18 minpdf
(without title)electronic music (16 tracks)4 minwav
stereo mix
Losfl, Eh, bcl, perc, pno, mln, gtr, vl, vla, vlc, cb 15 min2011mp3
Spil2vl, vla, vlc40 min
SpanGanassi a rec, meantone org15 min2012pdf
Andromeda (sketch)chamber opera35 min
Os orchestra11 min2013pdf
Na fl, cl, tongue-drum, keyb, 31-tone org, 31-tone gtr, vla10 minmp3
Upbrassband9 min
Yaake - music of the Wodaabe (arr.)Eh, cl, a-sax, bcl, bn10 minpdf
Axis2vl, vla, vlc4 minmp3
Parachutebeiaard7 min2015mp3
A Study of Orthopteraelectronic music (16 tracks)10 min
PlayFederation Bells, Melbourne5 minmp4
Trapezefor cajon and djembe3,5 minmp3